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The wedding of Jaehaerys and Alysanne, as depicted by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood.

Year 49 After the Conquest (49 AC) is a year in the Westerosi calendar, the 49th after Aegon's crowning in Oldtown that maesters and educated people use as a reference to date the years.

It was a year of peace and plenty, with the celebration of three significant marriages: Rhaena Targaryen wed Androw Farman, lord Farman's second sond; the Hand Rogar Baratheon and the queen dowager Alyssa Velaryon married in a fastuous ceremony in King's Landing; and king Jaehaerys Targaryen and his sister Alysanne married in secretly in Dragonstone. For this reason, the year is known as the Year of the Three Brides.[1]



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