A Clash of Kings-Chapter 46

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Bran VI
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Bran Stark
Place Winterfell
Page 485 UK HC (Other versions)
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Bran V
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Bran VII


Bran is once again dreaming through the eyes of Summer, who is alerted by a faint clink, and he and his brother can smell something wrong in the air. The direwolf desperately tries to escape from the godswood, but the gate is locked, so tries to climb a tree to reach the wall, following Bran’s thoughts. Summer falls from the tree, and Bran awakes with a sore shoulder to find a strange man in his room, followed by Theon Greyjoy. Theon, calling himself a prince, tells him that the castle is his now, that his ironmen swam the moat and unlocked the postern gate. His father’s former ward informs him that he must make the people of Winterfell aware that Theon is in command, and that no one will be hurt if they concede. Bran watches as all those whom Jojen saw in his dream die, and all of the crannogman’s words have come true. The sea has come to Winterfell, and Mikken drowns on his own blood as he refuses to bend the knee.[1] Most in the castle defy Theon, but Reek and Osha join his service. Bran is disappointed about the latter, but manages to convince the rest that fighting is not the answer.

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