A Storm of Swords-Chapter 2

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Catelyn I
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Catelyn Tully
Place Riverrun
Page 27 UK HC (Other versions)
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Catelyn VII
A Clash of Kings
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Catelyn II


Ser Desmond Grell is castellan of Riverrun while Edmure is off at battle and he has confined Catelyn to her father’s rooms for releasing the Kingslayer without the consent of King Robb or Edmure. She is aware Grell has dispatched Ser Robin Ryger to bring back Jaime, and hopes that he fails. Her father's room smells of death and it makes Cat think of Ned and her two youngest boys. Lord Hoster is having fever dreams and mumbling, "Forgive me...the blood...oh, please...Tansy..." "Dead." "…you’ll have others…sweet babes, and trueborn…" Catelyn recalls that Lysa has had five miscarriages since her marriage and deduces that Lysa must have miscarried before marrying as well. She realizes that Jon Arryn had no heir at the time of her and Lysa's twin betrothals. He was older than their father and as a soiled bride, "Lysa was the price Jon Arryn had to pay for the swords of House Tully." She does not know who the father of the original miscarriage might have been. Catelyn writes a letter to Lysa pleading for her to come to Riverrun before their father passes away saying, "He needs your forgiveness," but she realizes Lord Hoster will be gone before the raven even makes it to The Eyrie. Catelyn goes to the sept and lights three candles. One for the Father Above for her own father. One for the Crone "who let the first raven into the world when she peered through the door of death" and one for the Mother for Lysa and all the children they had both lost.

Later, Edmure returns to Riverrun, informing Catelyn that he turned away the Lannisters, but that Stannis lost the battle for King's Landing and that Highgarden and Dorne have both declared for Joffrey. Edmure scolds Catelyn for freeing Jaime and tells her Cersei will never free Catelyn's daughters, but Catelyn claims Tyrion will be held to the word he spoke in open court and the Kingslayer gave his word as well. Edmure dismisses the Kingslayer's words as worthless and informs Catelyn that Tyrion took an axe to the head and is most likely dead. Edmure has sent three ravens informing Lord Bolton that Jaime has escaped in the hopes of capturing him at Harrenhal. Catelyn despairs because if Jaime is believed to have escaped instead of being released as part of a prisoner swap, the Lannisters have no reason to free Catelyn's daughters.

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