A Storm of Swords-Chapter 36

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Davos IV
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Davos
Place Dragonstone
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Axell Florent brings Davos before King Stannis, taking the torch with him to leave his brother Alester alone in the darkness. Axell tells Davos in private that he has seen Stannis’ victory in the flames, and if Davos does not help him become Hand, he will see the Onion Knight killed. Stannis proclaims that Alester will die for treason,[1] and has Axell tell Davos of his plan to invade Claw Isle. Davos calls the plan a folly, and Stannis dismisses the enraged Axell. Stannis mentions that Barristan Selmy once told him that "the rot in King Aerys' reign began with Varys", and that Robert should have killed the eunuch, and sent Jaime to the Wall as Lord Eddard had suggested, but Robert listened to Jon Arryn instead.

Stannis then raises Davos to Lord of the Rainwood, Admiral of the Narrow Sea, and his new Hand of the King. When Stannis mentions battle, Davos mistakes him to mean the continuance of the war, but Melisandre has entered the room and calls it "the great battle… Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends". Stannis has also seen a vision in the flames, of men in black with torches on a high hill in the forest during snow, while all around them shapes were moving. Melisandre proclaims that Westeros must unite under King Stannis in order to defeat the one whose name must not be spoken. The King takes three leeches fat with the blood of Edric Storm and tosses them one at a time into a brazier, naming each of the false kings: Joffrey, Balon Greyjoy, and Robb. Melisandre tells him that this is not the best way, for it both will and will not work. The better way is to sacrifice Edric Storm to the flames, for there is power in a king's blood: Melisandre believes that his death will wake the stone dragon, as prophesized, and the sacrifice of one life to save thousands of others is warranted, but Stannis will not hear of it.

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  • The original synopsis was copied from Aol member vbkorik27 previously at[1]
  1. Interestingly, Stannis also states that Rhaenyra Targaryen 'died a traitor's death for trying to usurp her brother's crown, revealing a definite and perhaps surprising opinion about the rights of succession from Viserys I, the event that came to be known as the Dance of the Dragons.