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The captain of the Adventure. © FFG

The Adventure is a Volantene ship of sixty oars and a single sail. It has a long, lean hull which makes it fast. The captain of the ship uses it for smuggling. Prince Quentyn Martell notes that the ship stinks of rotten flesh.[1]

Recent events

A Dance with Dragons

While anchored in Volantis, Ser Gerris Drinkwater and Prince Quentyn Martell attempt to hire the ship to take them to Meereen. The captain agrees but only at three times the usual fee. Gerris and Quentyn realize that the captain will only take them far enough out to sea to kill them and make them disappear while keeping their gold.[1] The Dornishmen instead join the Windblown.[2]


Adventure stank.[1]

—thoughts of Quentyn Martell

Gerris: How swift is your Adventure?
Captain: There is none swifter, honored lord. Adventure can run down the wind itself. Tell me where you wish to sail, and swiftly I shall bring you there.[1]


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