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The Arsenal is the fortified shipyard of Braavos.


The Arsenal is located at the entrance to Braavos's lagoon, just beyond the Titan. It sits upon a knob of rock, fortified with stone battlements and bristling with scorpions, trebuchets, and spitfires.[1]

The Arsenal houses the defense fleet of Braavos and is the center of shipbuilding for the city. Along its shores are innumerable quays, docks, and wooden sheds holding galleys.[1] The Arsenal's war galleys are all constructed with the same design, allowing shipbuilders to work on separate parts at the same time and thereby create a galley in a single day.[2]


During the Daughters' War, Lord Alyn Velaryon defeated a Braavosi fleet in the Stepstones, sinking more than thirty galleys and capturing six galleys and eleven cogs. When Lord Manfryd Mooton negotiated with the Sealord to prevent war after Lord Alyn's attack, the Sealord showed the famed Arsenal to the regent and boasted that Braavos had already replaced their lost ships.[3]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Denyo Terys points out the Arsenal to Arya Stark when Titan's Daughter sails into Braavos.[1]


Lomas Longstrider marveled at the Titan of Braavos ... but the true wonder is the Arsenal.[2]

—writings of Yandel

We have already replaced every ship that your boy admiral stole or sank.[3]

The Arsenal of Braavos. They can build a war galley there in a day.[1]


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