Battle at Acorn Hall

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Battle at Acorn Hall
Conflict Dance of the Dragons
Date 130 AC
Place Acorn Hall, riverlands
Result Victory for the greens
Rhaenyra Targaryen.svg Blacks Aegon II Targaryen.svg Greens
House Smallwood.svg Lord Joseth Smallwood
House Piper.svg Lord Petyr Piper
House Tarbeck.svg Ser Adrian Tarbeck
Unknown Unknown
Lord Petyr Piper
Petyr Piper's grandson

A battle at Acorn Hall occurred in 130 AC during the Dance of the Dragons.


Lord Jason Lannister was slain during the Battle at the Red Fork, with Ser Adrian Tarbeck taking command of the victorious greens and Lord Petyr Piper leading the surviving blacks in retreat. As the westermen marched east toward Harrenhal, they were confronted at Acorn Hall by blacks led by Lord Joseth Smallwood, the lord of the castle, and Lord Piper. Petyr died during the battle, however, and Joseth retreated into Acorn Hall. According to Mushroom, Lord Piper died of a burst heart when he saw his grandson's head on a spear.[1]

Three days after the battle at Acorn Hall, Adrian and Ser Harry Penny slew each other in renewed fighting after the rivermen regrouped. Lord Humfrey Lefford took command of the remaining greens.[1]

Rather than besiege the few survivors in Acorn Hall, the Lannister host bypassed it and continued their advance. Thus Stanton Piper and Joseth Smallwood survived, and later in the war they scraped up new levies from old men and green boys to fight in the Second Battle of Tumbleton.[2]


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