Bay of Ice

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The north and the location of Bay of Ice
The north and the location of Bay of Ice
Bay of Ice
The north and the location of Bay of Ice
Bear Island by Sergey Glushakov © Fantasy Flight Games

The Bay of Ice is a large bay along the shores of northwestern Westeros. It is bordered by the Frozen Shore to the north, the foothills of the northern mountains to the east, the wolfswood and Sea Dragon Point to the south, and the Sunset Sea to the west.[1] Bear Island sits within the bay.[2][3] The eastern extremity of the Bay of Ice reaches the Gorge near the Wall.[4]


Clansmen from House Wull live west of the northern mountains along the Bay of Ice[5] and fish in its waters.[6] Fishing sloops from Bear Island also sail in the bay.[7]


The Wulls hold animosity toward wildlings who have crossed the Wall to raid their lands, as well as toward sailors from the Iron Islands who have attacked the shores of the Bay of Ice.[8] The ironborn have also historically fought northmen for control of Bear Island within the bay.[9][10][11]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

When the Iron Islands enter the War of the Five Kings, Asha Greyjoy leads thirty longships[12] between Bear Island and the mainland[13] for her siege of Deepwood Motte.[14]

A Feast for Crows

Asha returns to the Iron Islands to attend the kingsmoot on Old Wyk.[15]

A Dance with Dragons

Fleeing Old Wyk after the election of her uncle Euron Crow's Eye, Asha returns to Deepwood with only four longships, including her own Black Wind, the Salty Wench of Quenton Greyjoy, and the ship of Tristifer Botley. Asha keeps two in the bay and beaches two on the strand by the wolfswood.[16]

Leading fighters hidden in fishing sloops, Alysane Mormont burns or captures Asha's ships,[7] and Stannis Baratheon captures Asha in the fight by Deepwood Motte.[11]


The Wulls fish the Bay of Ice and warn their little ones that ironmen will carry them off if they don't behave.[6]