Cameron Tarth

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House Tarth.svg Lord
Cameroon Tarth
House Tarth.svg
Allegiance House Tarth
Culture Stormlander
Died In 92133 AC[1]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Cameron Tarth was the Lord of Tarth, Lord of Evenfall, and the head of House Tarth during the late reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[2]


In 92 AC, Tarth was invaded by Myrish exiles fleeing the Myrish Bloodbath, the rogues had conquered the eastern half of Tarth. Prince Aemon Targaryen left for Tarth on the ninth day of the third month that year to come to the Evenstar's aid. On Tarth, Aemon met with Lord Cameron in the mountains located at the center of the island, where Cameron had made camp. A pair of Myrish scouts eventually discovered the camp, and recognized Lord Cameron. One of them took a shot at Lord Cameron with his crossbow. Although he missed Lord Tarth, Aemon, who had been standing by Lord Cameron's side, was struck in his throat, and drowned in his own blood. The island was eventually liberated by Aemon's younger brother, Prince Baelon.[2]


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