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Cassana Estermont
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Allegiance House Estermont
House Baratheon
Died In 278 AC, at Shipbreaker Bay, near Storm's End
Spouse Lord Steffon Baratheon
Book(s) A Clash of Kings (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Lady Cassana Estermont was a member of House Estermont and the wife of Lord Steffon Baratheon. With Steffon she had three sons, Robert, Stannis and Renly.


King Aerys II Targaryen sent his cousin, Lord Steffon, and Cassana to the Free Cities to search for a bride for his son, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Their quest was unsuccessful but they did find a remarkable fool called Patchface.[1]

During the return journey their ship, the Windproud, was caught in a severe storm. Within sight of Robert and Stannis, who were standing on the towers of Storm's End, the ship was smashed on the rocks and sank in Shipbreaker Bay. Cassana, Steffon and hundreds of men drowned.[1] Patchface was the only survivor.[2]


A Clash of Kings-Chapter 42 and A Storm of Swords-Chapter 36 state Cassana's father is the still-living Lord Estermont. A World of Ice and Fire indicates that Eldon Estermont is the Lord Estermont who kneels to Joffrey Baratheon after the Blackwater. However, Eldon has been mentioned as the Baratheon brothers' uncle[3] and great-uncle.[4][5] Because of the contradictory information, there are different possibilities for the Estermont family tree; see House Estermont/Theories.

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