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A chariot is a vehicle used for the transport of goods and person. It is pulled by draught animals, such as hounds[1] and horses.[2][3] The wheels of a chariot can be replaced by runners to prevent it to sink in softer grounds (e.g. snow).[4]


The greastest warriors of the Tall Men used scythed chariots pulled by teams of bloodred horses in war. Per tradition, Tall men couples went off to war together and the women were the ones who drove the chariots.[5]

The Black Wall of Old Volantis is so thick that six four-horse chariots can race around its top abreast, which is done annually to celebrate the founding of the city.[2][3]

The men of the Frozen Shore ride chariots made with bones of walrus. They are pulled by large hounds as big as ponies and direwolves.[1][4]


The Zoqora wife of King Huzhor Amai drove their scythed chariot in war.[5]

During the Field of Crows, King Mazor Alexi led the Sarnori chariots against the allied khalasars of Khals Haro, Qano, Zhako, and Loso the Lame.[5]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The "Charioteer" is the nickname given by members of the Windblown to a Yunkish nobleman.[6]


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