Chequy Water

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The Chequy Water is a stream that runs between the lands of House Osgrey and House Webber in the Reach.[1] It rises in the Horseshoe Hills and ends in Leafy Lake. Its underbrush has thorny vines, nettles, and tangles of briarwhite and young willow.[1] The west way crosses the stream.[1]


The Chequy Water has been known by its name for over a thousand years.[1]

Ser Eustace Osgrey first kissed a girl on the banks of the Chequy Water, and he and his kin enjoyed fishing and playing in the stream.[1] The Webbers of Coldmoat cleared trees on both banks of the stream to make way for pastures.[1] Rohanne Webber, Lady of Coldmoat, had the stream dammed to irrigate her crops and provide water for her moat. This caused a confrontation with Eustace and was only settled after a battle to the death between Ser Lucas Inchfield and Ser Duncan the Tall.[1]


The woman will not have my water. She will not have my chequy water.[1]