Corwyn Corbray (lord)

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House Corbray.svg
Corwyn Corbray
House Corbray.svg
Allegiance House Corbray
Race Andal
Culture Andal
Spouse Jon Brightstone's daughter[1]
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Ser Corwyn Corbray was an Andal knight during the Andal invasion of the Vale and the founder of House Corbray.[1]


During the Andal invasion, Dywen Shell and Jon Brightstone both claimed the title King of the Fingers, paying Andal warlords to cross the narrow sea to support their claim. Within a year, the Andal warlords turned against the First Men kings and both monarchs were dead.[1]

Ser Corwyn claimed the Fingers after of he kings, taking Brightstone's daughter for his bride and Shell's wife for his bedwarmer. Unlike many of his fellow warlords, Corbray never named himself a king, instead preferring the more modest Lord of the Five Fingers.[1]