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Dalla by tobba-FFG.jpg
Dalla, by Tobba © Fantasy Flight Games

Allegiance Mance Rayder
Culture Free folk
Died In 300 AC, Near Castle Black
Spouse King Mance Rayder
Issue Aemon Steelsong

Dalla is a wildling and the wife of Mance Rayder. She has a sister, Val.[1]


Mance Rayder thinks his new queen is wise.[2]


Val's fine white clothes were given to her by her sister.[3]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Dalla by Eluas ©

The pregnant Dalla is cooking a brace of hens when Jon Snow is brought to Mance Rayder. The King-Beyond-the-Wall informs Jon that he met Dalla upon his return to the lands beyond the Wall, after secretly attending King Robert I Baratheon's visit to Winterfell.[1]

Mance instructs Varamyr to protect Dalla during the battle beneath the Wall,[2] but the skinchanger is incapacitated when Melisandre burns Orell's eagle.[4] Jon protects the tent during the battle, tasking Val to act as midwife.[2] Dalla dies giving birth to a son, however.[4]

A Feast for Crows

Dalla's son, the so-called wildling prince, is given over to the care of Gilly.[5] To protect the child from Melisandre, Jon switches the babe with Gilly's son, and he sends Gilly, Maester Aemon, and Samwell Tarly with Dalla's son to Oldtown. Gilly later suggests the names Aemon Battleborn and Aemon Steelsong for Dalla's child, as the boy was born during the battle beneath the Wall.[6]

Quotes by Dalla

We free folk know things you kneelers have forgotten. Sometimes the short road is not the safest, Jon Snow. The Horned Lord once said that sorcery is a sword without a hilt. There is no safe way to grasp it.[2]

—Dalla to Jon Snow

Quotes about Dalla

The good woman at the brazier is Dalla. Treat her like you would any queen, she is carrying my child.[1]

It's a wise woman I've found. A true queen.[2]

Mance Rayder to Dalla


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