Deepwood Motte

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Deepwood Motte
Wooden castle
Deepwood MotteYoann BoissonnetII.png
Deepwood Motte by Yoann Boissonnet © Fantasy Flight Games
Location Westeros, the north
Government House Glover, Feudal lord
Ruler Master Galbart Glover
Religion Old gods
The north and the location of Deepwood Motte
The north and the location of Deepwood Motte
Deepwood Motte
The north and the location of Deepwood Motte

Deepwood Motte, also called simply Deepwood,[1] is the seat of House Glover in the north. The wooden motte-and-bailey castle lies in the northern wolfswood, east of Sea Dragon Point.[2]


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An old but not particularly strong castle, Deepwood Motte is located in the wolfswood at a wide, rounded hill with a flattened top. The castle's cavernous longhall sits atop the hill and has at one end a watchtower rising fifty feet higher, the tallest object this side of the northern mountains. Wooden steps lead to the bedchamber of the Master of Deepwood Motte, and the keep has an exterior stair.[3]

Below the hill is a bailey containing stables, paddock, smithy, well, and sheepfold. These are defended by deep ditches, a sloping earthen dike, and a log palisade. The kitchens are located in Deepwood's inner yard, and the castle also has a godswood and a cellar.[3]

Deepwood's mossy, wooden outer walls make an oval about the hill and are protected by wallwalks. Gates located to the north and south each have two square wooden towers, with moss growing on the southern towers and palisade.[3] Deepwood has at least one postern gate, located on the eastern side.[3]

East and west of Deepwood are fields of oat and barley.[3] North of the castle Motte lie tidal flats[1] leading to the Bay of Ice. Deepwood is five leagues south of the Bay of Ice[3] and one hundred leagues (three hundred miles) northwest of Winterfell.[4]


Deepwood Motte was the royal seat of the Glovers when they were kings in the Age of Heroes.[5]

Theon Greyjoy has visited Deepwood several times with Lord Eddard Stark.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Asha Greyjoy leading the taking of Deepwood Motte, by Igor Kieryluk © Fantasy Flight Games

Larence Snow, the Bastard of Hornwood, is a ward of Galbart Glover at Deepwood.[6] With Galbart and Robett Glover fighting south of the Neck in the War of the Five Kings, Lady Sybelle Glover remains at Deepwood. The castle's steward visits Winterfell for the harvest feast.[7]

Asha Greyjoy is sent by her father Balon, Lord of the Iron Islands, to attack Deepwood Motte from the north,[1] and she captures it with a thousand ironborn after a moon's turn.[8] Balon declares himself first King of the Iron Islands[9] and then King of the Isles and the North.[10]

A Storm of Swords

Maester Aemon sends a raven to Deepwood Motte and other northern seats in a plea for help to defend Castle Black from wildlings.[11]

A Feast for Crows

Asha brings Lady Glover and her children, Gawen and Erena, from Deepwood to Ten Towers on Harlaw in the Iron Islands.[12]

A Dance with Dragons

Following the selection of Euron Greyjoy as King of the Isles and the North at the kingsmoot on Old Wyk, Asha returns to Deepwood Motte with Lady Glover, whose children remain at Ten Towers. Sybelle spends most of her time in the castle's godswood.[3]

Asha and her followers abandon Deepwood Motte when Stannis Baratheon and the northern mountain clans loyal to Winterfell appear to retake the seat of the Glovers.[3]

With Deepwood restored to the Glovers, they declare for Stannis. Lady Sybelle sends trackers and hunters to guide Stannis's army as it marches on Winterfell.[4] She later releases six surviving ironborn to serve as escorts for Tycho Nestoris.[13]


Bugger Deepwood. It's a wooden pisspot on a hill.[8]

It was an old castle, but not a strong one.[3]

—thoughts of Asha Greyjoy

Deepwood be Galbart Glover's seat. No home for squids.[3]

—unnamed Flint to Asha Greyjoy

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