Dick Crabb

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Dick Crabb
Dick Crabb TheMico.jpg

Alias(es) Nimble Dick
Allegiance House Crabb
Culture(s) Crownlands
Born At Cracklaw Point[1]
Died In 300 AC, at the Whispers
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (appears)

Dick Crabb, better known as Nimble Dick, is a former soldier originally from Crackclaw Point.


Dick has a sharp face with dirt brown hair, is very thin and ill-fed. He wears a faded, torn doublet where some lord’s badge had been ripped off. His armor is a dinted halfhelm spotted with rust. In place of a sword he carries an old nicked dagger.[2]


Dick was born and bred at Crackclaw Point and knows the terrain well, as well as much of its folklore and history. According to him he carries the blood of Ser Clarence Crabb. He has a sister who was bedded by a knight's son and then went off to King's Landing to take a job as a whore.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Brienne of Tarth was told to find Dick at the Stinking Goose in Maidenpool after she heard from the pious dwarf that Dick had boasted of helping a fool in motley escape from Maidenpool.[3]

Brienne finds her way to the Stinking Goose. When Dick entered Brienne immediately offered to buy him some wine for a word. She tells him she heard that he "fooled a fool" and offers him two silver stags for further information. Dick explained to Brienne how he had tricked a frightened fool and had brought him to a place where no ships had landed in thirty years.[2]

Dick tells her the fool wanted passages for three. Brienne wonders if it might be for Arya and Sansa Stark. She then shows him a golden dragon. He reveals that he took the trio to the Whispers in Crackclaw Point. He offers to help Brienne find the fool and those with him for gold. Brienne promises him six gold dragons if they find her "sister."

Brienne and Podrick Payne leave Maidenpool with Dick as their guide. During their travels, Brienne is very suspicious of him and he once attempts to search her saddlebags for coin but is thwarted by flour Brienne has placed in them. On the way he regales Pod and Brienne with legends and tales of Crackclaw Point, including that of Ser Clarence Crabb. Interestingly, he tells Brienne that they are all good dragon men, up Crackclaw way. They pass the Dyre Den. When Brienne remarks that Dick speaks of Lord Eustace Brune as if he knows him Dick answers that he might have, once.

Dick leads Brienne to the ruined castle called the Whispers. Before entering the castle Brienne gives Dick her longsword and she unsheathes her Valyrian steel sword Oathkeeper. The fool that Dick had sold the map to turns out to be Shagwell of the Brave Companions, with his companions, Timeon and Pyg. Dick points out that Shagwell was the fool he sold the map to. Shagwell soon kills Dick by smashing his face with his morningstar. A fight ensues and Brienne kills the other two sellswords. She makes Shagwell dig a grave for Dick. Once the grave is finished, as she anticipated, Shagwell attempts to kill Brienne with a jagged chunk of rock, but fails and she slays him with a dagger, avenging Dick. Brienne then tosses two gold dragons down into Dick’s grave. When Pod asks her why she did that she explains to him that it was the reward she promised him for finding her the fool.[4]

Quotes about Dick

Nimble Dick will have a grave. He was a Crabb. This is his place.[4]

I’m sorry that I never trusted you. I don't know how to do that anymore.[4]

Brienne of Tarth, as she placed Dick in his grave