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Varamyr with a snow bear, wolves, a shadowcat, and Orell's eagle. Art by Elena María Vaca

Eagles are large birds of prey similar to real-life eagles.


House Mallister has an eagle in their sigil, and the Mallisters also control the Cape of Eagles. House Condon includes an eagle's head in their sigil, while double-headed eagles are included in the sigils of Houses Estren and Graves.

Lord Ardrian Celtigar is said to have a trained sea eagle,[1] and Lord Jason Mallister decorates his helm with eagle wings.[2] Some skinchangers can enter eagles.[3] For instance, Orell controls an eagle with great blue-grey wings[4] and golden eyes.[5]


The wood dancers of the children of the forest are said to have called upon eagles to fight on their behalf.[6]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

While traveling through the Skirling Pass, Jon Snow sees eagles nesting in the heights and hunting in the valleys of the Frostfangs.[3] Orell, a skinchanger of the free folk, spies with an eagle, but he is killed by Jon.[3] The bird remains with Rattleshirt's band[7] and gashes Jon's direwolf, Ghost.[8]

A Storm of Swords

Part of Orell's consciousness lives on within his eagle, which attacks Jon.[5] The skinchanger Varamyr takes control of Orell's eagle, but he is later almost driven mad when Melisandre kills the bird during the battle beneath the Wall by burning it.[9][10]


Eagles have sharper eyes than men.[8]