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House Arryn

House Arryn is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Descending from the oldest and purest line of Andal nobility, the Arryns rule the Vale of Arryn from the Eyrie, their main seat located atop the Giant's Lance. Their sigil is a sky-blue falcon soaring against a white moon on a sky-blue field, and their words are "As High as Honor".

Ser Artys Arryn, the Falcon Knight, united the Andals of the Vale behind him in battle against the First Men during the Andal invasion. The First Men houses bent the knee and swore fealty to Artys after the death of their king. Artys ruled as King of Mountain and Vale, while the Vale became known as the Vale of Arryn. The Arryns ruled as kings until Aegon's Conquest, when Queen Visenya Targaryen landed in the Eyrie's courtyard upon her dragon Vhagar. The Arryns submitted peacefully to House Targaryen, and were allowed to continue ruling the Vale as lords instead of kings, and have served as Warden of the East ever since. The Arryns twice provided a bride for House Targaryen, and since the rule of Aegon III Targaryen every Targaryen king seated upon the Iron Throne has had a drop of Arryn blood.

House Arryn remained loyal to House Targaryen throughout numerous wars, including the Blackfyre Rebellions. But Lord Jon Arryn fought in Robert's Rebellion against the Targaryens as one of the principal leaders of the rebels, and later served as Hand of the King to King Robert I Baratheon until his sudden death in 298 AC. Read more...