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Death of Triarch Horonno

Volantis, the first Free City established by the Valyrian Freehold, is also known as the First Daughter. Located on one of the four mouths of the Rhoyne, Volantis was originally a military outpost, founded to protect the borders of Valyria. When trade along the Rhoyne increased, Volantis grew into a city.

A large port city, Volantis is spread out on both sides of the river, connected by the Long Bridge. The older districts are located upon the eastern banks, and include the oldest part of the city, also called Old Volantis”, which is surrounded by the Black Walls. There, only the noble families who can trace their descent back to the Valyrian Freehold are allowed to live. They are known as the Old Blood, and many of them still keep the old gods of Valyria. Outside of the Black Walls, however, R'hllor is favored by both freemen and slaves. The number of slaves in Volantis is exceedingly high; for every free man, there are five slaves to be found in the city, whose faces are tattooed to mark their status.

Volantis is ruled by three triarchs. They are elected from the noble families of Old Blood by the free landowners. The politicians are divided in two political parties; the tigers and the elephants. When the Freehold was destroyed during the Doom of Valyria, the Volantenes, ruled by the tigers, declared themselves the heirs to the Freehold and attempted to seize control over the former Valyrian colonies. The struggle for power lasted a century, known as the Century of Blood, and ended in defeat for Volantis. Ever since, at least two of the three triarchs have been elephants, who favor trade over war. Read more…