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Jon Connington

Lord Jon Connington is the only son of Lord Armond Connington of Griffin's Roost. Serving as a squire alongside Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, and later for Rhaegar, Jon grew up to be one of the most headstrong lordlings around Rhaegar, and was considered to be one of the prince's friends. As Lord of Griffin's Roost, Jon left for King's Landing to attend Rhaegar, leaving a cousin behind as castellan. Jon was eventually raised to be Hand of the King by King Aerys II Targaryen during Robert's Rebellion, as Aerys wanted a younger Hand to match Robert Baratheon's youth and vigor. He did not serve long in the office, however. Jon personally led an army in the field and pursued Robert, chasing him to the Stoney Sept in the riverlands, where a wounded Robert was forced to hide. In his desire to win the glory of personally ending the rebellion by slaying Robert, Jon began a search in the town, but met with resistance from the town's residents, who gave their aid to Robert instead. The arrival of rebel forces led by Lords Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, and Hoster Tully led to the famous Battle of the Bells. Jon and his forces suffered a great defeat there, and in his wroth King Aerys II stripped Jon of his titles and lands, and exiled him.

Jon crossed the narrow sea and joined the Golden Company, where he befriended Ser Myles Toyne. He remained haunted by the outcome of the battle of the bells. With the new King Robert I Baratheon being unwilling to recall Jon from his exile, Jon remained in the Golden Company and served with them for five years. In 288 AC, Jon was driven away from the company after being caught stealing from the company's war chests. Eventually, news reached Westeros that Jon had drank himself to death in Lys. Read moreā€¦