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Davos Seaworth

Ser Davos Seaworth is a knight in the service of Lord Stannis Baratheon of Dragonstone. Born in Flea Bottom, the poorest area of King's Landing, Davos found service on the Cobblecat, the ship of the Tyroshi smuggler and pirate Roro Uhoris. Davos eventually acquired a small ship of his own, and became one of the most infamous smugglers of the Seven Kingdoms.

Almost a year into the siege of Storm's End during Robert's Rebellion, Davos evaded the blockade of the Redwyne fleet in Shipbreaker Bay and smuggled onions and salted fish into the castle. The food allowed the garrison of Storm's End, led by Stannis Baratheon, to hold on until Lord Eddard Stark arrived to break the siege. As a reward, Davos was knighted by Stannis, and given lands on Cape Wrath. Davos chose the name "Seaworth" for his new house, and took a black ship with an onion on the sails upon a grey field as his sigil, leading to his nickname the Onion Knight. However, Stannis also demanded payment for Davos' past crimes. He lost the first joint of each finger of his left hand, for which he is sometimes called Davos Shorthand. Davos keeps the bones of his joints in a pouch around his neck, for good luck.

Davos entered the service of Stannis, becoming one of his most trusted advisors. He supported Stannis during the War of the Five Kings, and as captain of the Black Betha, he sailed his ship into Blackwater Bay during the attack on King's Landing. Though loyal to Stannis beyond any doubt, Davos often finds himself at odds with Melisandre of Asshai, whose influence over Stannis increased early on in the war. Read more...