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Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy is the sole surviving son and heir apparent of Lord Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands, and his wife, Lady Alannys Harlaw. Born on Pyke, Theon had two older brothers, Rodrik and Maron, and an older sister, Asha. When Theon is ten years old, his father declares the independence of the Iron Islands and proclaims himself to be a King. However, Balon's rebellion ends in defeat. Balon is required to give the Iron Throne a hostage, and as Theon's two older brothers Rodrik and Maron have died during the war, Theon was brought to Winterfell by Lord Eddard Stark at the age of ten. There, he grew up with Lord Eddard's children. However, as he was older than Eddard's children, he considered only Eddard's eldest son Robb Stark to be worthy of his attention, ignoring Jon Snow, Robb's bastard half-brother. As a younger boy, he used to think that Eddard might marry him to his eldest daughter, Sansa, and claim him for a son. Regardless, Theon considers Eddard to have been cold to him, despite his attempts to be like a father to him at times. Theon grew up at Winterfell to become a lean, dark, handsome youth. At the age of twenty, he is rather promiscuous, and vain, preferring fine clothes. He acts confident and cocky, and considers many things to be amusing. But his arrogant behavior is in truth an attempt to hide his insecurities, relating to his uncertain familial and social identity. Theon seeks approval from the Starks at first, and his own family later on, but usually feels unsatisfied. Due to Theon's ten-year absence on the Iron Islands, Balon has regarded his daughter Asha as his heir, increasing Theon's desire to proof himself worthy. Read more...