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The ruins of Chroyane covered in fog

Chroyane is a ruined city of Rhoynish origin, located at the confluence of the Lhorulu and the Rhoyne in Essos. To the north lie the Golden Fields, to the south the Rhoyne continues to Selhorys, Valysar, Sar Mell, Volon Therys, and Volantis. Chroyane was once known as the festival city, as it was the richest and most splendid of the cities along the Rhoyne. However, for the past thousand years it has been a ruin. When the Valyrians at first expanded their borders to the Rhoyne, the Rhoynar welcomed them, but over the years, tensions grew until the Rhoynish Wars began. Most of these wars were local and short-lived, but at the end of two and a half centuries of conflict, matters came to a halt during the Second Spice War, after three dragonlords from the Valyrian Freehold joined Volantis in destroying Sarhoy. Prince Garin of Chroyane gathered an army of 250,000 men. While at first succesful against the Valyrians, Garin's army was eventually crushed, and he was brought back to Chroyane in a cage, forced to watch the destruction of his city. Garin called down a curse upon the invaders, and that night the Rhoyne flooded with great force, and a thick fog of evil humors fell. The conquerors began to die of greyscale. The fogs remain until this day, and give the area in which Chroyane is located its name: the Sorrows. There, the stone men, those infected with greyscale, roam the ruins, especially the ruined Bridge of Dream. The once famed Palace of Love, ten times the size of the Red Keep in King's Landing, is now known as the Palace of Sorrow, and like the rest of the city, a ruin. Travelers often get lost in the fogs, and eventually succumb to madness, hunger, greyscale, or the stone men. Although Volantis sends a ship with provisions to Chroyane three times a year, the ships are often late, and sometimes even bring more mouths than food. Read more...