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Queen Rhaenys Targaryen

Queen Rhaenys Targaryen was the youngest child of Lord Aerion Targaryen of Dragonstone and Lady Valaena Velaryon. Her two older siblings, Visenya and Aegon, were expected to marry each other per Valyrian tradition, but Aegon took both his sisters to wife; It was said he married Rhaenys out of desire, and those at the royal court would later say that Aegon spend ten nights with Rhaenys for every night he spend with Visenya.

Like her siblings, Rhaenys was a dragonrider. She bonded with the dragon Meraxes, and spent more time on dragonback than her siblings did combined, for she loved to fly. A beautiful, graceful, curious, impulsive, and mischievous woman. She gave birth to Aegon's heir, Aenys, in 7 AC, though her tendency to entertain to entertain comely young men, singers, and mummers, caused rumors that Aenys had been fathered by someone other than Aegon. Rhaenys often aided her brother during his reign, helping him win the love of the smallfolk, while knitting the kingdoms together by arranging marriages between far-flung houses.

During Aegon's Conquest, Rhaenys aided her rumored bastard half-brother Orys Baratheon in conquering the stormlands and joined her trueborn siblings against the kings of the westerlands and the Reach at the Field of Fire. However, she failed to conquer Dorne. When Aegon decided to begin his campaign against Dorne in 4 AC, Rhaenys joined him upon her dragon, leading the first assault. Read more...