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House Manderly's sigil; a white merman with dark green hair, beard, and tail, carrying a black trident, over a blue-green field.

House Manderly is a Westerosi noble house originating from the Kingdom of the Reach. They had a rivalry with House Peake, which eventually proved to be their undoing. During the long reign of King Garth X Gardener, the two houses became involved in a war for the throne of the Reach, as Garth Greybeard, elderly and senile, had only daughters to succeed him. Both Lord Manderly and Lord Peake had taken one of Garth's daughters to wife, and their struggle for power, marked by betrayal, conspiracy, and murder, eventually escalated into open war, which lasted almost a decade, and ended only when the lords of the Reach rallied together against both noble houses, and a distant cousin of Garth X ascended the throne as King Mern VI Gardener.

The Manderlys were, at some point, driven from the Reach, when King Perceon III Gardener came to fear their growing influence and power. Sore, friendless and in peril of their lives, the Manderlys fled north, where the Starks of Winterfell welcomed them. The Manderlys were given the Wolf's Den and tasked with defending the White Knife in return an oath of loyalty. The Manderlys had brought their wealth with them from the south, which they used to construct the city of White Harbor, currently the main port of the north. Due to their southron origins, the Manderlys are one of the few great houses of the north to follow the Faith of the Seven. Read more...