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Aeron Greyjoy

Aeron Greyjoy, frequently called the Damphair, is one of Lord Balon Greyjoy's younger brothers. In his youth, Aeron was an amiable man, fond of songs, ale, and women. During one of his drunken gamblings, he wagered that he would be able to douse a hearth-fire by urinating on it. Although he won the wager, he angered his older brother by naming the ship Golden Storm. The ship was eventually sunk during Greyjoy's Rebellion in the sea battle off Fair Isle. Aeron sat out the remainder of the rebellion as a prisoner of the Lannisters, during which time he held piss-contests with "lions, boars and chickens".

Following the rebellion, Aeron was returned to the Iron Islands. At some point during the next decade, Aeron had a near-death experience when he went down in a storm. He underwent a spiritual reawakening when he washed up ashore, safely and unharmed, and has since dedicated himself to the worship of the Drowned God. He is now considered to be a dour, humorless man. As a priest for the Drowned God Aeron has gained respect among the ironborn. His acolytes, called the drowned men, do Aeron's bidding without question. He never cuts his hair or beard, and even has seaweed woven into it. He occasionally drinks seawater, finding it strengthens his belief in his god.

Although loyal to his eldest brother, Balon, Aeron deeply fears his brother Euron, and often recalls a traumatic scene of a door with screeching hinges which he associates with Euron. When the War of the Five Kings breaks out and Balon crowns himself, Aeron accompanies Balon's youngest son Theon to raid the Stony Shore. He eventually returns to the Iron Islands, where he calls the first kingsmoot in thousands of years after Balon falls to his death during a fierce storm at Pyke. Read more...