First Magister

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First Magister
Office Elected ruler
Region Lys
Current Holder Unknown

The First Magister is an elected political official in the Free City of Lys.[1]


The position is not hereditary and limited in time. The First Magister has primacy over the conclave of Magisters who ruled Lys.[1]


Lysandro Rogare, the head of the Rogare family and the Rogare Bank, was a powerful banker and the most influential man in Lys. He was elected First Magister by the people of Lys who called him Lysandro the Magnificent. Lysandro ruled the city as a tyrant and later styled himself First Magister for Life. During his time as First Magister, Lysandro declared a day of feasting in honor of the birth of his grandson, Prince Aegon Targaryen.[1]

In 135 AC, he drowned under suspicious circumstances when his opulent barge sank whilst carrying him from his Perfumed Garden back to his palace. His death plunged Lys into chaos and led to the downfall of the Rogare family. Lysandro's eldest son, Lysaro Rogare, aspired to succeed him but failed. The Magister Torreo Haen was elected into office instead. He was poisoned along his family and supporters shortly after his election, however.[1]

Known First Magisters


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