Godswood of Raventree Hall

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The dead weirwood of Raventree, by Elena María Vacas ©

The godswood of Raventree Hall is found at Raventree, the seat of House Blackwood in the riverlands.[1]


Some of the wood's trees are claimed to be as old as Raventree Hall's square towers, including its enormous dead weirwood. The heart tree's upper branches can be seen from far away. Hundreds of ravens come to roost on its leafless limbs and branches each night.[1]

The godswood contains a statue of Melissa Blackwood,[1] a mistress of King Aegon IV Targaryen and the mother of Lord Brynden Rivers.[2]

Windows of the castle's keep look down upon the godswood.[1]


What is now the godswood was once part of a larger forest, but the trees outside of Raventree Hall were gradually cut down for the cultivation of Blackwood Vale.[1]

According to the Blackwoods, the great weirwood in their godswood was poisoned by their rivals, House Bracken of Stone Hedge.[1]

The Storm King Arlan III Durrandon married a daughter of Lord Roderick Blackwood beneath Raventree's dead weirwood.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Ser Jaime Lannister sees the godswood when he arrives to resolve the siege of Raventree.[1]

Lord Tytos Blackwood intends to bury his son Lucas, a victim of the Red Wedding, beneath the weirwood if his remains are returned by House Frey.[1]


Some of the trees in their godswood were said to be as old as Raventree's square towers, especially the heart tree, a weirwood of colossal size whose upper branches could be seen from leagues away, like bony fingers scratching at the sky.[1]

—thoughts of Jaime Lannister

The Brackens poisoned it. For a thousand years it has not shown a leaf. In another thousand it will have turned to stone, the maesters say. Weirwoods never rot.[1]


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