Hairy Hal

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Night's Watch.svgHairy HalNight's Watch.svg
Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Westeros
Died In 300 ACbeyond the Wall

Hairy Hal is a ranger of the Night's Watch.

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Hairy Hal is one of the men that Bowen Marsh leaves behind at Castle Black.[1]

A Feast for Crows

Hairy Hal stands guard duty outside of Lord Commander Jon Snow's chambers.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

Hal accompanies Lord Commander Jon Snow to Mole's Town where the Night's Watch distributes food among the free folk who have surrendered to Stannis Baratheon.[3] Jon sends three groups of three rangers beyond the Wall to scout and explore, with Garth Greyfeather, Black Jack Bulwer, and Hairy Hal in one group.[4] They are caught and killed by the wildling known as the Weeper, however, and their heads are removed with their eyes plucked out and are placed on spears north of Castle Black.[5]

Behind the Scenes

Hairy Hal is also a character in George R. R. Martin's 1973 short story Starlady.