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Userboxes, are small tags that can be placed on your User page to denote affiliations, hobbies, etc. They can be either public (in the Template namespace), or private (in the User namespace).

List of existing User Boxes can be found Here. You can see The hairy bear and Scafloc's userpages to see examples of what they look like.

Using Userboxes

Using a user box is as simple as adding the template to your user page. For example:

{{Userbox Name}}

You can also add Userboxes from Wikipedia list of humorous Userboxes, this way:

{{w::Userbox Name}}

Alternatively you can create userboxes of your own using the Template:Userbox

Note, that there is no limitation, on who can add what Userboxes to his page and it would be nice if you would dedicate something to your fellow editors. Also the Userboxes dont really mean anything, it's just for fun and to connect the active contributors together.