Hugo Vance (lord)

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Hugo Vance
House Vance (Wayfarer's Rest).svg
Title Lord of Wayfarer's Rest
Allegiance House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest
Culture Rivermen
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Hugo Vance was a Lord of Wayfarer's Rest and head of House Vance during the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


Hugo became a lord after the death of Lord Tristan Vance at the hands of Ser Adrian Tarbeck during the Battle of the Red Fork.[1] Young Hugo provided three hundred Vance men, as well as the Myrish sellswords of Black Trombo, to the host of Ser Addam Velaryon before the Second Battle of Tumbleton.[2] Hugo also joined the host of Lord Elmo Tully.[3]


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