Leowyn Corbray

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House Corbray.svg Lord
Leowyn Corbray
House Corbray.svg
Culture Valemen
Born In or before 99 AC[3]
Died In 133 AC[2]Red Keep, King's Landing[2]
Father Lord Corbray
Issue Quenton Corbray

Leowyn Corbray was the Lord of Heart's Home and the head of House Corbray during the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons,[1] later becoming Protector of the Realm in the minority of King Aegon III Targaryen.[2] He had a younger brother, Ser Corwyn Corbray, who wielded Lady Forlorn.[1]

Appearance and Character

According to the court fool Mushroom, Leowyn was thick of neck and thick of wit, and farted loudly.[2]


In 130 AC, Lady Jeyne Arryn gave Leowyn and his younger brother, Ser Corwyn command of her army of ten thousand men sent forth from Gulltown. After the death of King Aegon II Targaryen in 131 AC, Lord Leowyn stood at the prow of a Braavosi cog in the Gullet and watched a line of Velaryon warships tear down Aegon II's sigil and raise up the red dragon of House Targaryen in its place, to mark the ascension of King Aegon III.[1]

Leowyn and his brother divided the army between them. The Braavosi landed Leowyn at Duskendale and Corwyn at Maidenpool.[N 1][4] Both brothers were welcomed with feasts and flowers. Soon after Lord Cregan Stark's hold over court had begun, Leowyn left Maidenpool accompanied by Lord Manfryd Mooton, Lord Brune, and Ser Rennifer Crabb. He met up with his brother on the march to King's Landing. When they arrived at the capital, they joined the ruling council and added their voices to those of Lady Jeyne Arryn and the three Lads. This contributed to power beginning to slip from Lord Stark's hands.[4]

Leowyn, as a supporter of the black faction, was named Protector of the Realm, whilst Ser Tyland Lannister, a green, was named Hand of the King. By law, both of them were beholden to the council of regents. Ser Tyland quickly achieved an unspoken dominance over Leowyn, gathering more power to himself as time passed. In 133 AC, Leowyn died of the Winter Fever, alongside his mistress and several of his servants.[2]


Even though it is not specified in Fire & Blood, Quenton Corbray must have been the son of Leowyn. In fact, Quenton is a nephew of Ser Corwyn Corbray,[5] who is in turn the second son and the younger brother of Lord Leowyn, and as Corwyn only died after his older brother,[2] it was actually Quenton who succeeded Leowyn as the Lord of Heart's Home.[6]


Behind the Scenes

Leowyn Corbray's story was among the content George R. R. Martin initially wrote for The World of Ice and Fire (2014) but was cut from the book due to space constraints.[7] Leowyn was later mentioned in Fire & Blood (2018) and The Rise of the Dragon (2022).


  1. Fire & Blood states that Leowyn went ashore at Duskendale and Corwyn at Maidenpool early on in "Aftermath - The Hour of the Wolf", but later reports that Leowyn departed Maidenpool, while Corwyn departed Duskendale. However, The Rise of the Dragon states in "The Regency of Aegon III" only that Leowyn landed at Duskendale and Corwyn at Maidenpool.


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Last known title holder:
Qarl Corbray
Lord of Heart's Home
?–133 AC
Succeeded by
Preceded by Protector of the Realm
131133 AC
Served under: Aegon III Targaryen
Succeeded by