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The Lord of Harmony, also known as the butterfly god, is a god worshiped by the Peaceful People of Naath.[1] There is a wooden hall dedicated to the god in Braavos which has windows of leaded glass, showing half a hundred kinds of butterflies in all their bright colors.[2]

The Lord of Harmony is represented as a laughing giant, naked and bearded and attended by swarms of women with butterfly wings.[3]


The Lord of Harmony, regarded as the only true god, is said to be the one who always was and always would be that made the moon and stars and earth, and all the creatures that dwelt upon them. He is attended by butterfly women.[1]

It is believed that the sacred butterfly spirits of the Lord of Harmony protect their isles against those who would do them harm. Many conquerors have sailed to Naath, but all of them sicken and die if they stay overlong. On the other hand, the slavers in their raids seem unaffected.[1]

The disease is the so-called butterfly fever. The slavers are unaffected for they long ago learned that they have low chances of being infected if they stay on the isle for a few hours or if they attack at night.[3]


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