Lord of Highgarden

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Lord of Highgarden
Office Ruler of Highgarden
Region The Reach
Current Holder Lord Mace Tyrell
Heir Willas Tyrell
First Holder Lord Harlan Tyrell
Creator Aegon I Targaryen
Created Aegon's Conquest

Lord of Highgarden is the title held by the noble seated at the castle of Highgarden since Aegon's Conquest. Though the castle was originally held by House Gardener, after the last Gardener died shortly after the Field of Fire during Aegon's Conquest, Kign Aegon I Targaryen named the steward of Highgarden, Harlan Tyrell, as its lord after he yielded the castle.


Highgarden had been the seat of House Gardener for thousands of years. During Aegon's Conquest, King Mern IX Gardener faced Aegon's army during the Field of Fire. There, he died with all his sons. Aegon marched his army to Highgarden, where Harlan Tyrell, the High Steward of Highgarden, opened the gates of the castle at Aegon's approach, pledging the loyalty of his family to House Targaryen. For this, Aegon named Harlan the Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South, and Lord Paramount of the Reach, despite the fact that other houses in the Reach had closer blood ties to House Gardener.[1][2]

Lord Harlan took part in the First Dornish War, during which he disappeared with his army in the desert of Dorne. Harlan's son, Lord Theo Tyrell, consolidated the power of House Tyrell after the First Dornish War had ended, by arranging a council of septons and maesters to examine and dismiss some of the more persistent claims to Highgarden put forth by other families.[1] During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Lyonel Tyrell was still a young child, and regency fell to his mother, who, together with Highgarden's castellan, decided to keep House Tyrell out of the war. During the reign of Daeron I Targaryen, he fought beneath the Targaryen banner, and eventually remained in Dorne to keep the peace and chase rebels. He was died at Sandstone in the infamous bed of scorpions.[1] During the First Blackfyre Rebellion, Lord Leo Tyrell won victories against Daemon I Blackfyre in the Reach. And nearly a century later, Lord Mace Tyrell remained loyal to Aerys II Targaryen during Robert's Rebellion, and besieged Storm's End in his name for the better part of a year.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Following his coronation, King Joffrey I Baratheon commands Lord Mace Tyrell and his sons to swear fealty to the Iron Throne.[3] Instead of proclaiming his loyalty to Joffrey, Mace marries his daughter Margaery to Lord Renly Baratheon, who claims the Iron Throne a fortnight later.[4] Mace bends the knee to Renly[4] and becomes his Hand of the King.[5]

A Clash of Kings

After Renly's death, King Joffrey's small council offers Mace an alliance with the Iron Throne,[6] and Mace agrees to betroth his daughter to King Joffrey in return for his support. Mace's forces prove decisive for the Iron Throne in the Battle of the Blackwater.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Mace refuses to leave King's Landing with his army to continue the siege of Storm's End until his daughter has been declared innocent by the Faith.[8]

Lords of Highgarden

The known Lords of Highgarden are:


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