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Lucas Harroway
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Culture Rivermen
Died In 44 AC[1], the Red Keep, King's Landing

Lucas Harroway was the Lord of Harrenhal and the head of House Harroway during the reigns of kings Aenys I Targaryen and Maegor I Targaryen. He served as Hand of the King for Maegor I, his son-by-marriage.[2]


Lucas became the Lord of Harrenhal after the death of Lord Gargon Qoherys in 37 AC.[3] In 39 AC, he saw his daughter Lady Alys wed to Prince Maegor Targaryen in a Valyrian wedding ceremony on Dragonstone.[4]

In 43 AC, he was named Hand of the King by Maegor, who had claimed the Iron Throne the year before. Later that year, Lucas fought on Maegor's side in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye.[5] He governed the realm for a while when Maegor focused on the completion of the construction of the Red Keep.[2]

In 44 AC House Harroway was wiped out by Maegor after Alys had a stillborn monstrously-deformed baby. Maegor's third wife, Queen Tyanna of the Tower, had convinced him that the boy had not been of his seed, but the result of one of Alys's many affairs, and that Lord Lucas himself had helped his daughter conceive a son for the king by sending men of proven fertility to her chambers. Tyanna provided the names of the men she had supposedly been sleeping with. This resulted in the execution of every Harroway Maegor could find, in King's Landing, Harrenhal, and Lord Harroway's Town. Lucas himself was thrown from the roof of the Tower of the Hand by knights of the Kingsguard, while he was inspecting the tower's construction.[N 1][4][2]


Maegor I


  1. Earlier prints of The World of Ice & Fire erroneously state that Lucas died in 48 AC, which has been corrected in later prints to 44 AC.


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