Lucas Inchfield

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Lucas Inchfield
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Art by Mike S Miller

Alias Lucas Longinch[1]
The Longinch[1]
Title Ser[1]
Castellan of Coldmoat[1]
Allegiance House Inchfield
House Webber
Culture Reach
Died In 211 AC[1][2], at the Chequy Water[1]
Book(s) The Sworn Sword (appears)
The Mystery Knight (mentioned)

Ser Lucas Inchfield, known as Lucas Longinch, was a knight from House Inchfield and was the castellan of Coldmoat for Lady Rohanne Webber.[1]


Lucas was a big man, old, sinewy and ugly. He had a broad nose, thick lips and protruding eyes.[1]


Ser Lucas was present in the yard at Coldmoat when Ser Duncan the Tall arrived to discuss terms with Lady Rohanne. He presented Duncan to Lady Helicent Uffering, letting him believe that it was Rohanne he was talking to and making a fool out of Duncan. He was dismissed by Rohanne and told to find Maester Cerrick. He commanded the force brought by Rohanne to the Chequy Water to take Ser Bennis by force. He championed House Webber in the trial, but died at the hands of Duncan.[1]