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The Milkwater river by Cris Urdiales ©

The Milkwater is a river beyond the Wall. Its headwaters begin in a lake at the foot of a glacier in the Frostfangs.[1][2] It flows south past the Fist of the First Men through the haunted forest, possibly through the Gorge to the Bay of Ice.[3] Following the stony banks of the milky-white Milkwater[4] is the easiest way to access the Frostfangs.[1]


Kings and heroes of the free folk are buried along the valley of the Milkwater.[5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Thoren Smallwood is sent with a group of rangers to scout the Milkwater for Mance Rayder's host of free folk.[6] Jon Snow, part of Qhorin Halfhand's group sent to scout the Skirling Pass, has a vision through Ghost of Mance's encampment at the source of the Milkwater.[2]

A Storm of Swords

Kedge Whiteye reports that he and Bannen observed Mance's great host slowly marching along the Milkwater toward the Wall.[7]

Having been captured by the Lord of Bones, Jon is brought to Mance's camp in the valley of the Milkwater.[8] Jon observes snow and pale mists swirling along the river.[9] Men are able to cross from the western bank to the eastern at shallows near the Fist of the First Men.[9]


Jon gazed off toward the setting sun. He could see the light shimmering like hammered gold off the surface of the Milkwater as it curved away to the south.[1]

—thoughts of Jon Snow