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Allegiance Rhaena Targaryen
Born In or between 129 AC and 131 AC[1], at The Vale
Died In or before 152 AC[1]
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Morning was a dragon which hatched late in the Dance of the Dragons. It belonged to Lady Rhaena Targaryen, the daughter of Prince Daemon Targaryen and Lady Laena Velaryon.[2]


Morning's scales were pale pink, but with black horns and crest.[3] She grew fast, as at only four years old she was big enough for Rhaena to ride.


Morning was born during the Dance of the Dragons, and thus was too young to participate in the war.[2] While Lady Rhaena had been given an egg laid by the dragon Syrax shortly before the start of the war, it is currently unknown whether Morning hatched from this specific egg, or from one of the other two eggs that Lady Rhaena took with her to the Vale.[4]

During the last phase of the Dance, after Aegon II killed Rhaenyra and re-assumed control of King's Landing, many of Rhaenyra's allies still kept fighting. The Tullys finally joined the war on the side of the Blacks, rallying what was left of the other forces of the river-lords. Even more concerning were the forces gathering in the Vale (which had only been able to send forth a fraction of its strength before): Jeyne Arryn mustered a fresh army of 1,500 knights and 8,000 men-at-arms, while hiring new ships in Braavos. Moreover, at Jeyne Arryn's side was young Rhaena of Pentos, the last of Rhaenyra or Daemon's children who was both alive and uncaptured: around the turn of the new year 131 AC, her dragon egg hatched, and she named the young hatchling "Morning".

Both sides knew that it would be years until Morning was large enough to actually ride to war, but she was still of great concern to the green council. The greens had lost all of their dragons by this point, while the blacks at least had one hatchling, leading to many of the smallfolk seeing their side as the more legitimate heirs of House Targaryen - thus Morning became a symbolic rallying point for the blacks in their darkest hour. In response, Aegon II desperately tried to hatch more dragon-eggs, but to no avail.[2]

Morning was one of four dragons to survive the Dance of the Dragons - and the only one still controlled by the Targaryens.[2] Nettles disappeared with Sheepstealer to live isolated in the mountains of the Vale, and the Cannibal remained wild on Dragonstone, and even Silverwing had gone wild with grief at the death of her cousins and withdrawn to a cave near Red Lake in the Reach.

The chaotic Regency era of Aegon III lasted for six years after the Dance. Towards the end, four years later, Morning grew big enough to ride - but Rhaena only took the young dragon on flights around King's Landing and Dragonstone. When the three-way succession war broke out in the Vale upon Jeyne Arryn's death, Rhaena urged that she could ride Morning into battle to crush the rebels, but Baela forbade it (as Morning was still very small, and as their last dragon, not worth the risk).

Morning would not live long.[5]

Known dragonriders of Morning


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