Owen Costayne

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House Costayne.svg
Owen Costayne
House Costayne.svg
Title Lord of the Three Towers
Culture Reach
Died In 130 ACHoneywine

Owen Costayne was Lord of the Three Towers and head of House Costayne during the Dance of the Dragons.[1][2]


Lord Costayne supported Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and the blacks.[1][2]

Owen, along with Lord Alan Tarly and Ser Alan Beesbury, trapped Lord Ormund Hightower's forces between them and Lord Thaddeus Rowan and the Bastard of Bitterbridge and the banks of the Honeywine. Lord Hightower's lines were starting to crumble and defeat seemed all but a forgone conclusion. Daeron Targaryen joined the Battle on the Honeywine on his dragon Tessarion, however, turning the battle for the greens.[1][2]

Owen died slowly from a wound given by Bold Jon Roxton's blade, Orphan-Maker.[1][2]


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