Roger Ryswell

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House Ryswell.svgRoger RyswellHouse Ryswell.svg
Allegiance House Ryswell[1]
Culture Northmen[1]
Father Rodrik Ryswell

Roger Ryswell is a son of Lord Rodrik Ryswell and a member of House Ryswell.[1]

Appearance and Character

Roger's look resembles that of his brother Rickard.[1] He clasps his cloak with an iron horsehead brooch.[2]

Roger and his brothers are said to be quarrelsome, all taking a horsehead of a different color for their sigil, the jape being that the Ryswells could not even agree upon the color of their arms.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Theon Greyjoy sees a Ryswell lead a column of riders to the camp of Ramsay Bolton at the siege of Moat Cailin, but is unable to tell the difference between Roger and his brother Rickard.[1] Roger later joins his father and brothers in appending his signature on a letter written by Ramsay, declaring the fall of Moat Cailin.[4] Along with the rest of House Ryswell, Roger attends the wedding of Ramsay to "Arya Stark"—actually Jeyne Poole—in Winterfell, hoping to lure Stannis Baratheon to the castle.[5]

Theon spots Rickard nuzzling at the neck of one of Abel's washerwomen near the Burned Tower of Winterfell, but, as mentioned before, it is also possible Theon mistakes Roger for Rickard.[6] When one of his men-at-arms is found dead at Winterfell's inner wall, Roger calls him a drunk and suspects he slipped and fell off Winterfell's walls urinating. When Ser Hosteen Frey threatens Lord Wyman Manderly, Roger and his sister Barbrey calm six White Harbor knights who rose in their lord's defense. Lord Roose Bolton later discusses the murders at Winterfell with Roger, Barbrey, and Ser Aenys Frey. Ser Aenys accuses Theon, though Roger is skeptical and declares that Greyjoy is not the killer. He also dismisses the suggestion of Lord Manderly as the killer, instead believing that Stannis has a man inside Winterfell. Roger and Barbrey remind Ser Aenys that the Ryswells and Dustins both lost men at the Freys' Red Wedding.[2]

When Stannis's vanguard reaches Winterfell, Roger accompanies Lord Bolton in the Great Hall to break their fast. Roger later laughs at a jape from Lord Harwood Stout.[7]


Roger is a son of Rodrik Ryswell, the Lord of the Rills. His brothers are Rickard and Roose, and his sisters are Lady Bethany and Lady Barbrey, who married Lord Roose Bolton and Lord Willam Dustin respectively. He is a cousin to the other Ryswells.[3][8]



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