Seneschal of the Citadel

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Seneschal is a position within the order of the maesters, charged with the governance of the Citadel, the headquarters of the order, located in Oldtown. The post of Seneschal lasts a year and is chosen by lot among the archmaesters, the topmost members of the order. Most archmaesters consider it a thankless task that takes them away from their true calling.[1]

Petitioners seeking audience with the Seneschal are greeted by an acolyte that acts as gatekeeper at the Seneschal's Court.[1]

The current Seneschal is Archmaester Theobald, chosen after the senile Archmaester Walgrave drew the first lot. His predecessor was Archmaester Norren.[1]

Known Seneschals of the Citadel