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Star of the Faith.svg Septon
Poor Fellows.svg
Alias Poorest Fellow[1]
Culture Westerosi
Died In 48 AC[1], outside Oldtown[1]

Moon was a septon and a member of the Poor Fellows during the Faith Militant uprising against the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen.[3][2]

Appearance and Character

Septon Moon was described as "a bearded brute" of a man.[2] He was a large man with a thunderous voice, and could speak for hours on end. He claimed that the only book he ever read was The Seven-Pointed Star, but many questioned that, as he never quoted from the tome, and no one had ever seen him read. He had immense appetites for food, wine and women. He never tried to hide his vices from his followers, but would often proudly proclaim "I am a sinner".[1]

He impregnated countless women. His followers believed his seed was blessed and could make a barren woman fertile and bestow good fortune. This tale was so widely believed that husbands gifted him their own wives and mothers their daughters, Moon never rejected such an offer. Many of his followers soon adapted the “Cock o’ the Moon” as their sigil, representing their allegiance to Septon Moon.[1]


Following the Faith Militant's defeats in 42 AC in the battles at Stonebridge and the Great Fork of the Blackwater, new leaders in the rebellion arose the following year. Among these was Septon Moon. Moon was seen as hardly distinguishable from an outlaw.[3][2]

Septon Moon was part of a band of outlaws who crowned him as their own High Septon, in defiance of the "High Lickspittle" that King Maegor I Targaryen had forced the Most Devout in Oldtown to elect to the office. Moon roamed the riverlands and Reach, and whenever he emerged from the woods to preach, he drew huge crowds to hear his condemnations of Maegor. At Stoney Sept in 47 AC, he denounced Maegor upcoming polygamous wedding, and was cheered on by hundreds of smallfolk.[4]

In 48 AC, Moon led thousands of followers of the Faith across the Reach to Oldtown, with the openly announced intent of "bearding the Lickspittle in the Starry Sept", to demand that he lift the ban on the military orders and denounce Maegor. While encamped outside of Oldtown, his forces were joined by the armies of Lord Torgen Oakheart and Lord Rickard Rowan.[3][2][4]

After Maegor's death, Moon remained encamped outside of Oldtown with his forces. Moon was considered the greatest threat to the Maegor's successor, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Moon continued to denounce the Targaryens and the High Lickspittle, who allowed the abominations to continue. Although Lord Donnel Hightower had closed his gates to Moon and his men, he also refused to attack them. Jaehaerys's small council decided that King Jaehaerys needed to be anointed by the High Septon, but Moon had to be dealt with before this could happen. The suggestion of attacking Moon's host with dragons were rejected. Lord Rogar Baratheon declared that, if he were to lead his host against Moon and his followers, the cost would be great.[1]

While the small council in King's Landing still discussed how to deal with Moon, Moon was approached by a young woman who requested Moon's help in exchange for a flagon of wine. After a while, the woman emerged, half-naked and screaming, and fled the scene. Moon emerged shortly after, with his throat cut. He staggered through half the camp as he died, in an attempt to catch the woman. The woman could not be found afterwards, and Moon's followers could not even agree on what she had looked like. Of the flagon of wine that the woman had brought, half still remained. The four Poor Fellows who drank it afterwards all died soon after, revealing the wine had been poisoned. Many stories and rumors were soon spread about Septon Moon's sudden death.[1]

The would-be successors in Moon's host fought over Moon's bones. One of them, Lorcas the Learned, claimed he had had a vision of Moon, in which the deceased septon deliver Oldtown into the hands of his followers. He seized the septon's body from Rob the Starvling, strapped it atop a destrier, and stormed the gates of Oldtown in a failed attack. When most of the few men who joined the attack were dead, Lord Hightower sent out a dozen knights to seize Moon's body and remove the head. Moon's head was later presented as a gift to the High Septon, tanned and stuffed.[1]


What can the death of one dragon matter when another rises up to take its place?[1]

—Moon on the Targaryens

Westeros will not be clean again until all the Targaryens have been slain or driven back into the sea.[1]

—Moon on the Targaryens


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