Sharako Lohar

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Sharako Lohar
Title Admiral
Allegiance Kingdom of the Three Daughters
Culture Lysene
Born At Lys
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Sharako Lohar was the Triarchy's admiral. He was from Lys.[1]


During the Westerosi civil war Admiral Lohar commanded a fleet of 90 Myrish, Lysene and Tyroshi warships under the banners of the Three Daughters who had allied themselves to King Aegon II Targaryen.[1]

On a mission to break the blacks's blockade of the Gullet, Sharako Lohar took the fleet of 90 warships up from the Stepstones bending their oars for the Gullet. When the fleet captured the cog the Gay Abandon Prince Viserys was made the captive of a Tyroshi captain, however Admiral Lohar soon took the Prince into his charge.[1]

Admiral Lohar was in command during the Battle in the Gullet, one of the bloodiest sea battles in all of history. The Three Daughters emerged victorious. It is unclear whether Admiral Lohar survived the battle, but of the ninety original warships, twenty-eight survived to limp home.[1]