Siege of Pyke

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Siege of Pyke
Conflict Greyjoy's Rebellion
Date 289 AC
Place Pyke
Result Iron Throne victory
House Greyjoy.svg Ironborn rebels House Baratheon.svg Forces of the Iron Throne
House Greyjoy.svg King Balon IX Greyjoy
House Greyjoy.svg Maron Greyjoy
House Baratheon.svg King Robert I Baratheon
House Stark.svg Lord Eddard Stark
Maron Greyjoy

The siege of Pyke was the last significant battle during Greyjoy's Rebellion.


The main battle was fought on the island of island of Pyke. The invasion was led by King Robert I Baratheon himself and his friend Lord Eddard Stark, having mustered thousands of men for the battle. The nearby Botley castle was destroyed, as was the town of Lordsport beneath it, before the main attack on the castle of Pyke was launched.

Robert's forces assaulted the southern wall with siege engines, finally shattering the main watchtower there and bringing parts of the surrounding wall down.[1] Maron Greyjoy, the second of Balon's three sons, was killed in the breach.[2] Thoros of Myr was first through the breach wielding a sword coated in wildfire.[3] Jorah Mormont was not far behind him, and earned a knighthood for his bravery that day.[4] The grandson of Old Nan was killed on the walls.[5] The fighting in the castle was very fierce, but eventually the castle was taken.


Lord Balon Greyjoy was forced to swear fealty once more to the Iron Throne, and his surviving son Theon, only nine at the time, was given into the care of Lord Stark as a hostage to ensure Balon's good behavior. Robert celebrated his victory by holding a tourney at Lannisport.[4]

Besides Jorah Mormont, Ser Jacelyn Bywater also received his knighthood at Pyke after losing his hand in the battle.[6]