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Queen Alysanne by Trishkell.jpg
Silverwing, being ridden by Queen Alysanne. © Green Ronin Publishing

Allegiance Alysanne Targaryen
Ulf the White
Born In or between 36 AC and 41 AC[1]
Died In or between 131 AC and 153 AC[1]
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)
The Sons of the Dragon (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
Queen Alysanne and Silverwing at Queenscrown. © guad

Silverwing was one of the dragons of House Targaryen. She was ridden by Queen Alysanne Targaryen,[2][3] and later by Ulf the White during the Dance of the Dragons.[4]


Silverwing has been described as being a silvery dragon.[5][6]


Alysanne Targaryen

According to legend, Silverwing hatched from the dragon's egg that was placed in the cradle of Alysanne Targaryen by her sister Rhaena in 36 AC.[7]

Silverwing contributed her flames to the funeral pyre of King Aenys I Targaryen, together with the dragons Quicksilver and Vermithor. Following Aenys's funeral, Silverwing was brought to Driftmark when her rider, Alysanne, fled to her uncle's castle.[7]

By 48 AC, Alysanne had become a dragonrider by flying on Silverwing. After King Maegor I Targaryen's death, Alysanne flew Silverwing to King's Landing, together with her brother Jaehaerys and her sister Rhaena upon their dragons, Vermithor and Dreamfyre, so Jaehaerys could claim the Iron Throne.[8]

In 54 AC, Alysanne flew Silverwing to Oldtown, where the dragon alighted atop the Hightower, fanning the flames of the tower's beacon with her wings, which made the city gasp.[5]

In 56 AC, when the Targaryens began to house dragons in the Dragonpit, Silverwing and Vermithor did not join Balerion and three younger dragons, but instead remained at the Red Keep, where they would be close to their riders.[9]

In 58 AC, Alysanne flew Silverwing to White Harbor, Winterfell, and later the Wall. At the Wall, Alysanne attempted on three occasions to fly Silverwing over the Wall, but the dragon refused every time. The dragon would hiss and snap at every gust of wind coming down from the Wall. Alysanne wrote to her brother that she was troubled by the fact that Silverwing refused to fly over the Wall.[9]

Silverwing was ridden by Alysanne for the last time in 93 AC, and became riderless upon Alysanne's death in 100 AC.[10]

Ulf White

Silverwing returned to Dragonstone after Alysanne's death, where she made her lair in one of the smoking caverns of the Dragonmont.[4] where she remained, riderless, until 129 AC.[11] When Prince Jacaerys Velaryon decided that his mother's faction, the blacks, needed more dragonriders, many men attempted to claim one of the riderless dragons upon Dragonstone. During the Sowing Silverwing accepted Ulf the White as its rider.[4][11] Ulf rode Silverwing to battle in the Battle in the Gullet. Along with Vermithor, Sheepstealer, Vermax and Seasmoke, Silverwing descended upon the ninety warships sailing under the banners of the Three Daughters.[4]

When King's Landing fell to Rhaenyra Targaryen's supporters, Ulf landed Silverwing upon the Hill of Rhaenys, outside of the Dragonpit. In the Dragonpit, Silverwing made a lair before flying off to battle. Ulf rode Silverwing into battle during the first battle at Tumbleton. Ulf and fellow dragonseed Hugh Hammer, who had claimed Vermithor, changed their allegiance, betraying Rhaenyra in favor of Aegon II Targaryen. Silverwing, Vermithor, and Tessarion, the dragon of Aegon II's brother Prince Daeron, let loose their flames upon Tumbleton, which was savagely sacked.[4]

Ulf and Silverwing remained with the Hightower host at Tumbleton. Silverwing was kept unchained beyond the town walls, free to fly and hunt. During the Second Battle of Tumbleton, an army of four thousand men strong, led by Addam Velaryon upon the dragon Seasmoke, surprised the Hightower host at Tumbleton with their night-time attack. Ulf slept through the battle, but even without a rider Silverwing took to the sky during the battle. At one point, a crossbowman shot a bolt at the dragon.[4] Silverwing avoided further battle and instead circled the battlefield for hours. She descended only again the next day, after the sun had gone down, and landed between the slain Vermithor, Seasmoke, and Tessarion. The singers claim that Silverwing attempted to lift Vermithor's wing on three occasions, but Archmaester Gyldayn considers this to most likely have been a fable. When the sun rose again, Silverwing began to fly listlessly across the field, where she few on the burned carcasses of men and animals.[4]

Silverwing's rider, Ulf the White, insisted he should become the new king of the Seven Kingdoms, as King Aegon II was missing, and Prince Aemond and Daeron had died. When Ser Hobert Hightower, one of the Caltrops, gave Ulf the White poisoned wine, Silverwing became riderless once again.[4]

Later life

At Tumbleton, Lord Unwin Peake offered a thousand golden dragons to any knight of noble birth able to claim Silverwing. Out of the three men who came forth, the first had his arm torn off and the second burned to death. The third man then changed his mind.[4]

Silverwing was one of only four dragons still alive at the end of the Dance of the Dragons.[12] Although accustomed to men, Silverwing became wild during the reign of Aegon III Targaryen, and eventually made her lair on an island in Red Lake in the northwest of the Reach.[11]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Bran Stark mentions Silverwing to Meera and Jojen Reed when they arrive at Queenscrown.[13] Jon Snow tells Ygritte of Queen Alysanne Targaryen's visit to the Wall more than two centuries ago.[2]

A Feast for Crows

While riding in the chain winch at the Wall, Samwell Tarly wonders if Silverwing may have left an egg at the Wall.[3]

Known dragonriders of Silverwing

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