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Regarding troop numbers:

"And if it comes to that, she wondered, will thirty be enough? Will six thousand be enough?" - Catelyn gives us a number for the Northern + Mallisters right before the Battle of the WW. If Theon's account of 10-1 K/D ratio is to be believed, the Northern losses were not significent, and as such the same number applies to the Battle of the Camps.

“Twelve thousand foot, scattered around the castle in three separate camps, with the rivers between,” her uncle said, with the craggy smile she remembered so well. “There is no other way to besiege Riverrun, yet still, that will be their undoing. Two or three thousand horse.” - The Blackfish gives us the numbers for Jaime's host.

"Even at a distance, Ser Jaime Lannister was unmistakable. The moonlight had silvered his armor and the gold of his hair, and turned his crimson cloak to black. He was not wearing a helm. He was there and he was gone again, his silvery armor obscured by the trees once more. Others came behind him, long columns of them, knights and sworn swords and freeriders, three quarters of the Lannister horse." - Catelyn gives us 3/4 of the Lannister horse in the Battle of the WW. That means that at the Camps only a quarter of the previously mentioned 2-3,000 is present. 500-750.

"Our south camp was under the command of Ser Forley Prester. He retreated in good order when he saw that the other camps were lost, with two thousand spears and as many bowmen, but the Tyroshi sellsword who led his freeriders struck his banners and went over to the foe." - From the Crakehall man who provided Tywin with the news, we learn that 2,000 spear and as many bowmen (2,000) were left in the south camp unharmed. This fits with 12,000 foot divided into three camps - 4,000 men in each. The freeriders defected to Robb Stark.

Nyrhex 17:27, 1 October 2013 (UTC)