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Stuff I have worked on


32x32px Coats of Arms e.g. put into
Rainbow_Guard#Members House_Sunderland#Sworn_Houses
Joff's 12th - Done
Historical Kinslaying or suspected Kinslayers - Done
Ashford Tourney - Done, new style
Tourney_of_Maidenpool - Done, New style
Tourney at Lannisport

To Do

House_Tyrell#Sworn_Houses - Sworn house House Hunt


Name Place On behalf of: When
32pxSer Colin Florent Brightwater Keep Alester Florent Lord Alester joined the march to King's Landing with Renly Baratheon's host.
32pxSer Rolph Spicer The Crag House Westerling Lord Gawen joined the Lannister hosts invading the Riverlands.
32pxSer Damion Lannister Casterly Rock Cersei Lannister After the death of her father; to spite Ser Kevan Lannister.
32pxBowen Marsh Castle Black Lord Commander {Jeor Mormont} The Great Ranging
32pxSer Wynton Stout Castle Black Bowen Marsh Bowen marched west to reinforce Shadow Tower against wildling raiders.
32pxSer {Lucas Inchfield} Coldmoat Lady {Rohanne Webber}
32pxRamsay Bolton Dreadfort Roose Bolton Lord Roose marched south with Robb Stark's host.
32pxSer Axell Florent Dragonstone Stannis Baratheon Lord Stannis was invited to join the King's Small Council.
Arms unknownSer Rolland Storm Dragonstone Stannis Baratheon King Stannis sailed north for the Wall.
Arms unknownSer Rufus Leek Dun Fort Renfred Rykker Lord Renfred marched north with Randyll Tarly's host.
32pxSer Nestor Royce Gates of the Moon House Arryn Lord Jon Arryn was appointed as Hand of the King.
32pxSer Humfrey Wagstaff Grandview House Grandison
NoneUnknown Hayford Lady Ermesande Hayford
32pxSer {Amory Lorch} Harrenhal {Tywin Lannister} Lord Tywin marched west to stop the Northern Invaders.
None{Polliver} Harrenhal Ser {Gregor Clegane} Ser Gregor was called to King's Landing to fight for King Joffrey.
32pxSer Bonifer Hasty Harrenhal Jaime Lannister/Petyr Baelish Lord Petyr is still in the Vale.
32pxSer Harlen Tyrell Highgarden King {Mern IX Gardener} King Mern marched east to fight Aegon the Conqueror
32px{Arnolf Karstark} Karhold House Karstark Lord Rickard marched south with Robb Stark's host.
32pxHother Umber & Mors Umber Last Hearth Greatjon Umber The Greatjon marched south with Robb Stark's host.
32pxRalf Kenning Moat Cailin Victarion Greyjoy Victarion sailed back to the Iron Isles for the Kingsmoot.
NoneErik Pyke House Greyjoy King Euron sailed south to raid the Reach.
Brynden_TullySer Brynden Tully Riverrun Lord Edmure Tully Lord Edmure travelled north to marry a Frey.
32pxSer Desmond Grell Riverrun Lord Edmure Tully Lord Edmure was stopping Lord Tywin's hosts westward advance.
Arms unknownSer Harbert Storm's End House Baratheon After the death of Lord Steffon.
32pxSer {Cortnay Penrose} Storm's End {Renly Baratheon} Lord Renly was invited to join the King's Small Council.
32pxSer {Elwood Meadows} Storm's End Stannis Baratheon
32pxSer {Gilbert Farring} Storm's End Stannis Baratheon
32pxSer Manfrey Martell Sunspear Doran Martell
32px{Leobald Tallhart} Torrhen's Square Ser {Helman Tallhart} Ser Helman marched south with Robb Stark's host.
32px{Rodrik Cassel} Winterfell House Stark
NoneMaester {Luwin} Winterfell House Stark
None{Lorren} Winterfell Theon Greyjoy
Arms unknownSer Bartimus Wolf's Den Wyman Manderly

Sandbox area

Ronald "the Bad"
Arms unknown
Hugo Vance
Arms unknown

Sandbox 2

Tourney of the Hand

Tourney of the Hand


32px32pxJory Cassel defeated Horas Redwyne
32px32pxJory Cassel defeated a member of House Frey
32px32pxLothor Brune defeated Jory Cassel. After 3 tilts Lothor was awarded the victory.
KingsguardArms unknown Ser Meryn Trant defeated Harwin of Winterfell
32pxArms unknownSer Balon Swann defeated Alyn of Winterfell
32px32pxSer Jaime Lannister defeated Ser Andar Royce
32px32pxSer Jaime Lannister defeated Lord Bryce Caron
32pxArms unknownSer Barristan Selmy defeated unnamed knight
32pxArms unknownSer Barristan Selmy defeated another unnamed knight
32px32pxSer Jaime Lannister defeated Ser Barristan Selmy
32pxArms unknownSer Gregor Clegane defeated unnamed knight
32px32pxSer Gregor Clegane defeated Ser Hugh of the Vale, killing him
32px32pxSer Gregor Clegane defeated Ser Balon Swann
32px32pxSandor Clegane defeated Lord Renly Baratheon
32pxArms unknown Lord Beric Dondarrion defeated a hedge knight in a checkered cloak, after the knight disgraced himself by killing his horse
Arms unknown32px Thoros of Myr defeated Lord Beric Dondarrion
32px32px Ser Aron Santagar jousted against Lothor Brune, but after 3 tilts they were awarded a draw
32px32pxLord Jason Mallister defeated Ser Aron Santagar
32px32pxSer Robar Royce defeated Lothor Brune
32pxKingsguardSer Loras Tyrell] defeated Ser Meryn Trant,[1] knight of the Kingsguard.
32pxSer Loras Tyrell defeated another knight of the Kingsguard
32pxKingsguardSer Loras Tyrell defeated a third knight of the Kingsguard
32px32pxSer Loras Tyrell defeated Ser Robar Royce


32px32pxSer Loras Tyrell defeated Ser Gregor Clegane in the semi-final tilt. Ser Loras rode a mare in heat that distracted Ser Gregor's stallion.
32px32pxSandor Clegane defeated Ser Jaime Lannister in the semi-final tilt.


House Described as: Sigil
House Mertyns the horned owl 32px
House Prester the red ox 32px
House Piper the dancing maiden 32px
House Massey the triple spiral 32px
House Marbrand the burning tree 32px
House Crakehall the brindled boar 32px
House Rambton the white ram 32px
House Wyl the black adder 32px

Joff's 13th

The Joust

Kingsguard32pxSer Meryn Trant defeated Ser Hobber Redwyne
32px32pxSer Balon Swann defeated Morros Slynt
32pxArms unknownSer Horas Redwyne defeated unnamed knight of silver griffons on a striped blue and white field
32px32pxLothor Brune defeated Ser Dontos Hollard


Lord Gyles Rosby, Jalabhar Xho, Lady Tanda Stokeworth, Lollys Stokeworth, Falyse Stokeworth, Sansa Stark, Ermesande Hayford

Lannisport Tourney

The Joust

Whitewalls Tourney
32px32pxSer Franklyn Frey defeated Ser Harbert Paege (5 tilts)
Quentyn BallArms unknownSer Glendon Flowers defeated Argrave the Defiant (1 tilt)
32pxArms unknownLord Joffrey Caswell defeated Ser Kyle the Cat of Misty Moor (1 tilt)
Arms unknown32px Ser Uthor Underleaf defeated Ser Duncan the Tall (as the 'Gallows Knight') (1 tilt)
32px32pxSer Uthor Underleaf defeated Ser Addam Frey
Quentyn Ball32pxSer Glendon Flowers defeated Lord Alyn Cockshaw
32px32pxDaemon II Blackfyre(as 'John the Fiddler') defeated Ser Franklyn Frey
Quentyn Ball32pxSer Glendon Flowers defeated Lord Costayne
Quentyn BallArms unknownSer Glendon Flowers defeated Ser Mortimer Boggs
32px32pxSer Tommard Heddle defeated Ser Clarence Charlton
Arms unknown32pxSer Uthor Underleaf defeated Ser Theomore Bulwer (5 tilts)
32pxGaltry the GreenDaemon II Blackfyre defeated Ser Galtry the Green (10 tilts)

Harenhal Tourney

Other Attendees

Lord Commander Gerold Hightower, Ser Oswell Whent, Lord Robert Baratheon, Ser Richard Lonmouth, Lord Eon Hunter, Lord Jon Arryn, Lord Mace Tyrell, Eddard Stark, Benjen Stark, Lyanna Stark, Elia Martell, Lord Jon Connington, Ashara Dayne

Battle of the Trident Notable Casualties

Notable Casualties

House Words


House Words Sigil
House Allyrion No Foe May Pass 32px
House Ambrose Never Resting 32px
House Arryn As High As Honor 32px
House Ashford Our Sun Shines Bright 32px
House Baratheon Ours is the Fury (adopted by Orys Baratheon from Argilac the Arrogant, the last Storm King[2] 32px
House Beesbury Beware Our Sting 32px
House Bolton Our Blades Are Sharp. They often say "A flayed man keeps no secrets" 32px
House Bulwer Death Before Disgrace 32px
House Caron No Song So Sweet 32px
House Cerwyn Honed and Ready 32px
House Codd Though All Men Do Despise Us Arms unknown
House Crakehall None so Fierce 32px


House Words Sigil
House Egen By Day or Night 32px
House Flint of Widow's Watch Ever Vigilant 32px
House Follard None so Wise 32px
House Footly Tread Lightly Here 32px
House Fossoway of Cider Hall] A Taste Of Glory 32px
House Fowler Let Me Soar 32px
House Graceford Work Her Will 32px
House Grandison Rouse Me Not 32px
House Greyjoy We Do Not Sow 32px
House Hastwyck None So Dutiful 32px
House Hightower We Light the Way 32px
House Hornwood Righteous in Wrath 32px
House Jordayne Let It Be Written 32px


House Words Sigil
House Karstark The Sun of Winter 32px
House Lannister Hear Me Roar! Their unofficial motto, just as well known, states, "A Lannister always pays his debts." 32px
House Lonmouth The Choice Is Yours 32px
House Marbrand Burning Bright 32px
House Martell Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken 32px
House Mormont Here We Stand 32px
House Mallister Above The Rest 32px
House Merryweather Behold Our Bounty 32px
House Mooton Wisdom and Strength 32px
House Oakheart Our Roots Go Deep 32px
House Peckledon Unflinching 32px
House Penrose Set Down Our Deeds 32px
House Piper Brave and Beautiful 32px
House Plumm Come Try Me 32px


House Words Sigil
House Royce We Remember 32px
House Sarsfield True to the Mark 32px
House Serrett I Have No Rival 32px
House Smallwood From These Beginnings 32px
House Stark Winter is Coming 32px
House Stokeworth Proud to Be Faithful 32px
House Swygert Truth Conquers 32px
House Swyft Awake! Awake! 32px
House Tallhart Proud and Free 32px
House Targaryen Fire and Blood 32px
House Tarly First in Battle File:32x32 tarly.png
House Toyne Fly High, Fly Far.png 32px
House Trant So End Our Foes 32px
House Tully Family, Duty, Honor 32px
House Tyrell Growing Strong 32px
House Velaryon The Old, the True, the Brave 32px
House Wendwater For All Seasons 32px
House Wensington Sound The Charge 32px
House Westerling Honor, Not Honors 32px
House Wode the Touch Me Not 32px
House Wydman Right Conquers Might 32px
House Yronwood We Guard the Way 32px

Holders of Harrenhal

32pxLady Shella Whent died after yielding Harrenhal to Tywin Lannister.
32pxLord Janos Slynt was named Lord of Harrenhal, though he never took actual possession of it, was beheaded by Lord Commander of the Night's Watch Jon Snow.
32pxLord Tywin Lannister died from a crossbow bolt in the groin from his own son, Tyrion Lannister.
32pxSer Amory Lorch was fed to a bear by Vargo Hoat.
32pxLord Roose Bolton has not suffered any misfortune thus far but he did hold Harrenhal for a time.
NoneVargo Hoat was butchered by Ser Gregor Clegane.
32pxSer Gregor Clegane died of a poison spear thrust from Prince Oberyn Martell.
NonePolliver was named castellan by Ser Gregor when he left for King's Landing but was subsequently killed by Sandor Clegane.
32pxSer Bonifer Hasty currently holds Harrenhal for Lord Petyr Baelish.


People accused or suspected of kinslaying

List of Known Hands

During the reign of King Hand of the King Period and Notes
Tommen Baratheon32x32 joffrey baratheon.png Mace Tyrell32x32 Tyrell.png 300 AL
Orton MerryweatherFile:32x32 merryweather.png 300 AL - 300 AL
Harys Swyft32x32 swyft.png 300 AL - 300 AL
Tywin Lannister32x32 Lannister.png 2nd term 300 AL - 300 AL
Joffrey Baratheon32x32 joffrey baratheon.png Tywin Lannister32x32 Lannister.png 2nd term 298 AL - 300 AL
Tyrion Lannister32x32 Tyrion Lannister.png Was acting hand during his father's Tywin Lannister 2nd term, while he was campaigning in the north.
Robert Baratheon32x32 Baratheon.png Eddard Stark32x32 Stark.png 298 AL
Jon Arryn32x32 Arryn.png 283 AL - 298 AL
Aerys II Targaryen
The Mad King
32x32 Targaryen.png
Lord Rossart32x32 rossart.png 283 AL
Qarlton Chelsted32x32 chelsted.png 283 AL, He resigned his position over Aerys Decision to burn King's Landing and was subsequently burned for it.
Jon ConningtonFile:32x32 connington.png 283 AL
Owen MerryweatherFile:32x32 merryweather.png 282 AL (?) - 283 AL
Tywin Lannister32x32 Lannister.png +/- 262 AL - 282 AL (?)
Jaehaerys II Targaryen32x32 Targaryen.png
Aegon V Targaryen32x32 Targaryen.png
Unknown 233AL - 259AL - 262AL
Aerys I Targaryen32x32 Targaryen.png Brynden Rivers32x32 Brynden Rivers.png 209 AL - 221 AL (?) - In the end he was stripped from office and sent to the wall, by King Aegon V.
Daeron II Targaryen32x32 Targaryen.png Baelor Breakspear32x32 Targaryen.png 196 AL - 208 AL
Lord Hayford32x32 hayford.png 196 AL
Ambrose Butterwell32x32 Butterwell.png ? - 196 AL
Aegon IV Lord Butterwell 32x32 Butterwell.png ?
Baelor I32x32 Targaryen.png

Daeron I32x32 Targaryen.png

Prince Viserys 32x32 Targaryen.png 157 AL - 171 AL
Jaehaerys I32x32 Targaryen.png Septon Barth Served as Hand for over Forty years
Aenys I32x32 Targaryen.png Prince Maegor32x32 Targaryen.png 37 AL - 42 AL

Houses sworn to House Martell

House Yronwood is accounted the most powerful of the bannerhouses sworn to House Martell. The Lord is titled Warden of Stone Way and The Bloodroyal.

Sworn Houses and Former Sworn Houses
32px House Banefort of Banefort.
32px House Brax of Hornvale. House Brax is one of the more powerful houses sworn to Casterly Rock. Lord Andros Brax had once made a visit to Hoster Tully in hopes of marrying his son to one of Hoster
32px House Broom.
32px House Clegane
32px House Crakehall of Crakehall. Members are regarded as being uncommonly strong and robust, including the historical knight Ser Lyle Crakehall, called "Strongboar."
32px House Estren of Wyndhall.
32px House Farman of Fair Isle.
32px House Kenning of Kayce.
32px House Lefford of the Golden Tooth.
32px House Lorch
32px House Lydden of the Deep Den.
32px House Marbrand of Ashemark. The current Lord of Ashemark is Damon Marbrand. His son and heir, Addam, is a capable commander and was made commander of the city guard in King
32px House Payne. Ser Ilyn the headsman and Podrick, squire to Tyrion Lannister are from this house, though Podrick is from a lesser branch.
32px House Reyne. Extinct house that rebelled against Tytos. Destroyed by Tywin Lannister and an inspiration for a famous song in Westeros, "The Rains of Castamere".
32px House Prester of Feastfires.
32px House Serrett
32px House Spicer. House Spicer is seen as an upstart house. They descend from a spice merchant and a witch-woman famous in Lannisport for her potions.
32px House Swyft of Cornfield.
32px House Tarbeck. Extinct house that rebelled against Tytos. Destroyed by Tywin Lannister and an inspiration for a famous song in Westeros, "The Rains of Castamere".
32px House Westerling of the Crag. Swore to Robb Stark during the war of the five kings.

(Tyrell) Sworn Houses and Former Sworn Houses

32pxAshford of Ashford.
32px Bulwer of Blackcrown. The Bulwers are cousins of the Tyrell family, with a member, Victaria Tyrell, marrying into the family at some point in the recent past. The Lady of House Bulwer, Alysanne, is Victaria's daughter. She is a little girl and one of Margaery's ladies-in-waiting.
32px Chester The head of House Chester is given the title of Lord of Greenshield.
32px Crane of Red Lake.
32px Florent of Brightwater Keep.
Fossoway. Two branches exist;
32px The "red apple" Fossoways of Cider Hall
32px The "green apple" Fossoways of New Barrel, a cadet branch descending from Raymun Fossoway. The house's creation is described in The Hedge Knight.
32px Grimm of Grimstone. The head of House Grimm is given the title of Lord of Greyshield.
32px Hewett of Hewett Castle. The head of House Hewett is given the title of Lord of Oakenshield.
32px Hightower of the Hightower. They reside in Oldtown, and are very rich and influential.
32px Merryweather of Longtable.
32px Mullendore of Uplands.
32px Oakheart of Old Oak.
32px Redwyne of the Arbor, a large island off of Westeros proper.
32px Rowan of Goldengrove
32px Serry The head of House Serry is given the title of Lord of Southshield.
32px Tarly of Horn Hill.
Arms unknown Tyrell of Brightwater Keep of Brightwater Keep, a newly made cadet branch of House Tyrell.

32px Vyrwel of Darkdell