Uthero Zalyne

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Braavos.svg Sealord
Uthero Zalyne
Title Sealord of Braavos
Allegiance House Zalyne
Culture Braavosi

Uthero Zalyne was a Sealord of Braavos, in the century after the founding of Braavos.[1]


Uthero dispatched envoys of the Iron Bank to Valyria to pay settlements to the grandchildren of the owners of the ships Braavos' founders had seized - but not the value of the escaped slaves. The dragonlords turned out to have little interest in the descendants of slaves who had escaped a century before. Several years later, Uthero sent forth ships throughout the world, announcing the existence[N 1] of Braavos, and inviting the men of all nations to celebrate the 111th anniversary of the city's founding.[1] However, even after it unveiled itself, Braavos continued to be known as the Secret City,[3] with its exact location hidden for another two centuries.[2]

The anniversary of the Uncloaking of Uthero is celebrated every year, in a ten day festival of masks and revelry. At midnight on the tenth day, the Titan of Braavos roars, and all celebrants and revelers remove their masks as one.[1]


  1. The World of Ice & Fire states the "existence and location" of Braavos was made known,[1] but this contradicts A Feast for Crows,[2] as well as another section of TWOIAF.[3] See also Errata of The World of Ice & Fire.


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