Yezzan zo Qaggaz

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Yezzan zo Qaggaz
Yezzan zo Qaggaz1.jpg
Yezzan zo Qaggaz. Fan art by Paul Phillips©.

  • The Yellow Whale
  • Lord Yellowbelly
  • The lord of suet
Culture Ghiscari
Born Yunkai
Died In 300 AC, Outside Meereen

Played by Enzo Cilenti
TV series Season 5 | Season 6

Yezzan zo Qaggaz is an extremely wealthy slave trader, and is one of the Wise Masters from Yunkai. He is said to be the richest man in the Yellow City, and has great influence because of this.

Appearance and Character

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Yezzan has yellow eyes, and is so morbidly obese he can no longer stand, and is described as being large enough to make four of Illyrio Mopatis. He is sickly, and cannot hold his water, and so always smells of urine that even perfume cannot hide. He wears yellow silk tokars with gold fringe. He is obsessed with grotesques, and often purchases slaves with physical deformities to add to his "collection". He owns a boy with hairy, deformed legs resembling a goat's legs, a bearded woman, a feeble-minded two-headed girl from Mantarys and a hermaphrodite named Sweets.[1]

While overweight, he is still shrewd and intelligent, a trait some of the other Wise Masters don't share.[1]

Tyrion Lannister and several of his other slaves believe Yezzan to be "not that bad" compared to some of the other slavers. He treats his slaves well, as long as they obey and cause no trouble, and his slaves are usually well fed and looked after.[2]


According to Sweets, Yezzan contracted some disease ten years ago while in Sothoryos, and has been dying ever since, "rotting from the inside out". If anyone makes him forget this even for a little while, they are well rewarded by him.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Members of the Windblown, a sellsword company that is hired by Yunkai, mock him as the "Yellow Whale".[3]

When peace is made between Meereen and Yunkai, a slave market is set up outside Meereen.[4] Yezzan purchases several slaves, including Tyrion Lannister, Penny, and Jorah Mormont, and gives them to the charge of his henchman, Nurse.[1]

Yezzan is one of the few Yunkai lords who wishes to honor the peace between Yunkai and Meereen. He dies of the pale mare that spread throughout the Yunkish siege lines, and several of his slaves use the opportunity to escape.[2]


Count yourselves fortunate, for Yezzan is a kindly and benevolent master.[1]

His eyes are yellow, and he stinks.[1]


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