A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 19

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A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Davos
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Davos is held for 18 days in a large, airy, handsomely furnished chamber with guards at the door and a view of the city's streets and the harbor in the New Castle at White Harbor. The Merry Midwife left after four days.

Ser Marlon Manderly takes Davos to treats with Lord Wyman Manderly and his Merman's Court. Davos asks Lord Wyman to ally with King Stannis.

He is resisted, however, by envoys of House Frey (Rhaegar Frey, Ser Jared Frey and Symond Frey), who have come with the remains of one of Lord Wyman Manderly's sons, Wendel Manderly.

A young girl, Wylla Manderly, Lord Wyman’s granddaughter, vocally supports Stannis, and appears to sway the court. However, Lord Manderly calls for Davos’ head and has Davos dragged off to prison as a traitor in the presence of the Freys.

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